All about the game & app . . .

App - With a Friend
Games with Friends
Connect with Facebook or find friends by their Word vs Word username or email address and invite them to a game. See who can guess each other's word first.
App - Game History
Stats, Game Center & Past Games
After you play a game, it's saved. You can see if you won or lost, as well as how well you're doing. See your win/loss percentages, view Leaderboard & Achievements.
App - Random Match
We'll Match You Up
You can create as many games as you want. When we find another player who has created the same size game, we'll match you up.
App - Rules
Lots of Good Stuff
Need help during the game? Here you'll find rules, a tutorial, info about us, terms of use, a place to leave a rating or send an email to share the app with a friend.
App - Solo Game
Solitaire Option
Looking for a fun word game you can play by yourself? All you have to do is choose how hard of a game you want to play and then we'll randomly pick a word you have guess. Plus, if you get stuck, we'll provide you with the definition and letter placement hints.
App - Settings
Your Profile
Here you can connect to Facebook, set up your username and email address, as well as link to other accounts and devices. You can also turn off sounds and reset your games.


Here's where you'll be spending most of your time with Word vs Word. This is the gameboard where you will be guessing words to try and figure out a secret word.

At the bottom of the screen is a keyboard where you'll type your "guess" words. They will appear in the grey boxes and once you have a word, you'll tap "Play". After you play a word, it will appear in the middle of the screen. Next to the word, you'll see a number which will tell you how many letters in your guessed word match letters in the secret word.

At the top of the screen you can see the alphabet, which we call the toggleboard. If you tap a letter once, it turns red (indicating it's not a valid letter), tap it twice and it changes to green (indicating it's a valid letter).

Other Features . . .
  • Chat - you can chat with your opponent during the game
  • Definitions - when a game is over, we'll show you the definition of the word
  • Hints - in the Solo Game option, if you get stuck you can see the definition or where some letters go

Game Center

Word vs Word is connected to Game Center so you can challenge others and see how you rank on two different Leaderboards - Opponent Games and Solo Games.

In addition to the Leadboards, there are 26 different Alphabet Achievements you can complete - one for each letter of the alphabet. The app also lets you invite other Game Center players so you can go head-to-head in a match. Have fun climbing the Leaderboards and completing the Achievements.

App Store - Word vs Word

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The Word vs Word app is available to download from the App Store under the Word Games category. You can play on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. There's also a Free version of the game so you can try it out. We know you'll have a blast playing this word game with your friends.


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