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Word vs Word app is available in the App Store - iPhone, iPod touch, & iPad

The newest social gaming app can be purchased from the App Store. Make sure you are among the first people to play this fun word game. Check out our iTunes App Store page and download the iPhone or iPod touch app or the iPad app.

New FREE Version

You can try Word vs Word for free on you iPhone or iPod touch - download it today.

Facebook & Game Center

The game and app is connected to Facebook & Game Center! You can play your Facebook friends and also compete with fellow players in Apple's Game Center. There are also 26 Alphabet Achievements for you to master.

appSized Review

"Word vs Word is a challenging and unique word puzzle game with a Mastermind-like twist – it’s sure to tickle your brain cells and a fun game to play with your friends."

iPhoneFootPrint Review

"Word vs Word is a good example of games which offers high learning curve as well as fun factor blended together to bring a great game."

Appolicious Review

"Word game nuts will enjoy Word vs Word, a multiplayer word-guessing game."

touchArcade Review

"If you're a fan of word games or logic problems, this is well worth the download, and the fact that it has a well-developed multiplayer system really puts it over-the-top."

Word vs Word App Videos & Reviews

You can see a video review of Word vs Word at the Daily App Show or check out our YouTube channel at

Awesome new word game

"I am so excited there is a new word game I can play with my friends. Word vs Word is a blast and it's a ton of fun." - skmortiz

Playing for Hours

"It's great that the app lets you play a solitary game - I can see myself playing this all the time. Plus, I am learning a bunch of new words and their definitions. What a great idea." - keri1r

Five stars . . . absolutely!

"I would highly recommend this game. I am an avid crossword player and love the competitive part of being matched up with other people. It's challenging and makes you think." - rugger


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